Boutique “lamora”

“Small, fine and personal” – this is what our “boutique lamora” – directly at Sport Camping Rio Vantone is. Personally chosen equipment and everything else, that you would like to bring home from your vacation.

Every year during high season, you will find a lovely selection of goods in our boutique lamora, which is located at Sport Camping Rio Vantone:

  • Italian assecories and fashion
  • Fashion- and silver jewelry
  • Cool bags and beautiful scarfs
  • Nice selection of grappa, excellent wines and prosecco
  • Childrens toys and games
  • Swimwear and -assecories

If you – after returning home from vacation - remember something which you should have bought, then send an e-mail to us, and we will strive to deliver the goods if possible at all. You can send the e-mail to:

Boutique lamora: