Lake Idro – great place for surfers and sailers

In the summer – from noon – we have a wind force between 3 and 4 beaufort, a lovely temparature of the water of aprox. 24 degrees celcius and top clean water in the lake, which everybody would like to take a swim in.

Surf school Idrosee at Leo have, since many years, been an integrated part of Sportcamp. Not only can you, within few days, learn to surf. You can also find a range of funny boards, boats and other water sport equipment. For those who would like to have a recognized surf diploma, this can happen without difficulties, and the diploma will be valid almost all over the world.

In high season, you can join „stand-up-paddling/sup“ every morning. This is not only for fun, but also great fitness exercise. Usually this diciplin is combined with a trip tot he cliff jump or with a trip tot he other side of the lake.

If somebody prefer to use their legs instead, you can rent a pedal boat. This can be used by the whole family at the same time, and the kids will have plenty of fun with the integrated slide. A genuine and great Family experience!

Also sailors can be considered. If you have the nessecary knowledge of sailing, but did´t bring your own boat, you can rent a boat or a catamaran.

Lake Idro – ideal area for both praticed as well as for beginners – and for all of the family. More than one magasin has written articles about that.

Surfschool opens at pentecost. The water will still be a bit chill, this will, however, not be a problem, if you wear the correct outfit.