Family Canyon Tour for families with children at Lake Idro

Book a tour through one of the most beautiful canyons in Northern Italy via Rio Vantone.

Have you allready heard about canyonig? For some of the guests, who have been to Northern Italy before, e.g. Lake Garda, this is already a known activity. During summer, it will be possible to book trips for canyoning and paragliding here at AZUR Sportcamping at Lake Idro, on a daily basis.

Via us, you can book one of the most beautifull canyon experienses in Northen Italy – this is only 30 minutes by car from AZUR Sportcamping. This will give you the ultimate kick – not only for beginners but also for the experienced.

Jump from 6 – 8 meters down into the cold water, rappel below an almost 50 meter high waterfall or slide through the water. All you need is swimwear, sport shoes, a towel and – off course – a dry t-shirt for later. You will get the rest of the equipment from us. Surprise yourself and book your trip as quickly as possible after your arrival. Our partners are super experienced and they have a high language proficiency.

Family Canyoning excursion for families with children.

You can book a super exciting family canyoning excursion with us. In the high season these trips are almost every day. Only 20 minutes by car from the AZUR campsite at Lake Idro is a unique climbing and canyoning area. Bring your climbing equipment and follow – from the parking lot – the path uphill into the mountain. The path leads you along the side of an adventurous river, steeply up the mountain. Here you will see a – more than 30 meter high – Tibbetan brigde – (it is secure), where you will need the climbing equipment which you brought. Now you need to go downhill in order to come to an absolutely amazing canyon area, which is also great for the children. It will take about 1 hour to walk “above the water“ and down the canyon. Surprise yourself!

Paragliding – Tandem flying

In high season we can offer a very special kick for you. Tandem flying in a paraglider – above Lake Idro. The jump takes place from aprox. 1.200 meter above sea level. After a breathtaking jump/fly you will land safely on the landing area at the lake, which has been build for this purpose. These “flights“ are always done by educated and authorized instructors. Dates and a suitable time of the day, are announced at the reception.