Ristorante - Pizzeria at Rio Vantone

The cuisine of Lombardy, especially from the valley of Valle Sabbia, is certainly one of the best cuisines in Northern Italy.

Ristorante "la tavola" – authentic and local

Spoil yourself with selected local and authentic dishes.

As far as possible, we use fresh commodities, fresh meat from the local butcher and only local fish from our own region. We make sure, not to use marine fish and sea shell fish.

In our wine card you will find a special selection of local wines from the surrounding regions (Lake Garda, Franciacorta, Veneto and Trentino). Our wines comes from especially selected wine yards, and we will enjoy to give you a recommendation of wine, to the menu you have choosen to eat. Of course first class service will be a part of your experience.

During high season, we also offer a daily and affordable lunch menu, a large selection of salats and theme nights, as e.g. pasta night. If you are celebrating something or if you are a group of people, we will be happy to compose a special menu for you.

Chef: “ I have to introduce you to the excellent kitchen in this reagon, Valle Sabbia, to show you the fine taste of the Lombard kitchen, which – for sure – is one of the best kitchens in Italy”

Bar Vantú – nice and life-provoking

You can get one of the best „Lake Idro“ espresso´s at our cozy bar Vantú….. Of course you can also have a cappuccino or a latte macchiato if that is what you prefer!

In the evening we are serving a large selection of drinks, cocktails, fresh juice, smoothies and delicius desserts. Try e.g. our „Spritz-Aperol“, „Pirlo“ or „Hugo“, a refreshing mix of prosecco, wine, aperol or elderflower juice.

We also give you the possibility to watch interesting tv-events in the bar. It could be Formula 1, Tour de France, VM, Olympic games etc.

Chef servant: “Italy is so many beautifull things: the fantastic Italian kitchen and great wines are the best advertisers – not least due to a lot of guests who repeat their visits to lake Idro every year”

Ice cream shop – snacks

What is more delicious than to eat a real Italian icecream in the afternoon? Or do you prefer french fries instead?

The ice cream shop – next to our bar Vantù – is the right place to start, if you really want a big Italian Icecream. Not only our delicious icecream, but also the large selection of snacks are very popular. We offer french fries, hamburgers, grilled sausages, pizza, toast and many other delights.

Pizza, Pizza and still Pizza

Lombardia and Valle Sabbia offers extra ordinary and fantastic meals at good prices.

The kitchen of Lombardia, especially from Valle Sabbia-valley, for sure is the best in Northern Italy. Here you will find a large selection of excellent pizzerias (if not the best??)

Further you will find a lot of first-class restaurants and fantastic Cafe´s around Lake Idro. You can also find culinary highlights in the mountains and here Mamma is still cooking!

Do you need a Restaurant tip?

Lombardia and Valle Sabbia offers unique meals at good prices.

For sure, the kitchen in Lombardia, especially in Valle Sabbia-valley, has one oft he best kitchens in Northern Italy. Not only are you going to find a large selection of excellent pizzerias (if not the best?) Further you will find a lot of first class restaurants and fantastic cafe´s aroung Lake Idro.

Spoil yourself and enjoy the extra ordinary „value for money“ experience. If you don´t know where to go in the evening, then come and visit us in the reception. Here we have a list of restaurants and cafe´s chosen by the camping owner himself. After this, you are not going to want to go home again – that is a promise!