Mountainbike excursions at Lake Idro – superb area!

It is your own choise whether you bring your own bike or if you prefer to rent a mountainbike from us. You are more than welcome to contact the reception for free route descriptions for mountainbikers. If you don´t bring your own bike, it will be a good idea to reserve a bike in good time before you need it. Every year we get new mountainbikes to rent; a very special service.

You can download our own Mountainbiketouren here.

Individual mountainbike excursions

The excursions beginns at the campsite and via nearby villages, on almost untouched roads or paths. The driving is unique. Last, but not least, the magasin Bike has named Idro “the land of roller coasters”. And even better: ” With downward paths at Lake Idro, it is like an icecream: You have a hugh selection, but you have to take a big decision an only choose two or three variants”. Can it be described better?

Guided Mountainbike trips

During the high season we arrange mountainbike trips with experienced guides. These trips are usually offered in coordination with the wishes of the guests. We offer trips in all severities. The area around Lake Idro offers whatever you are dreaming about - from beginner to medium trained and all the way to “downhill freaks”.

You can find further information on the internet at relevant websites. If you own a bike navigation system, you can also download routes from that.