Plenty of entertainment for children of all ages.

In high season, we offer a nice entertainment program for all children at AZUR Sportcamping Rio Vantone. Kids club is driven by young students and takes place from beginning of June til end of August.

Our Animation program for small children and children begins before lunch and ends late afternoon. Children from the age of 2 can play, paint, use their hands and, off course, play games outside in the nice weather – at Villa Bambini.

We play at the beach as well as at the playground and we go on small excursions in the forest and at the brook Vantone. Our dedicated animators speeks more than one language and they prepare an new and exciting program every week.

The children are learning harmony with nature and the environment and they play at the campsite together with other kids. It is very common that new friendships appear immediately and the children are very excited about what is going to happen. It is important to us to bring the children closer to nature and – if possible – to teach them to waive the plastic toys and videomovies.